About 3 Cups of Coffee

All it takes is 3 Cups of Coffee ® to perk up a career!

3 Cups of Coffee ® is a short-term mentoring program that matches women who are job-ready with a volunteer mentor. They meet three times for one-hour conversations in a local coffee shop or café.

Together, they create a customized plan that identifies career goals and job possibilities while building networking connections.

In Pittsburgh, corporate partner Crazy Mocha provides free coffee and a relaxed meeting space for 3 Cups of Coffee® mentoring pairs.

Mentors provide a wealth of experience, knowledge, and networking connections to help mentees land – and succeed in – the perfect job.

3 Cups of Coffee® is a program of Pennsylvania Women Work, headquartered in Pennsylvania. This program was launched in the Pittsburgh region in January 2014. Since this time, it has grown to include a site in Philadelphia through a partnership with JEVS Human Services.

For more information about this program, please contact Taneshya Williams, Program Manager, at twilliams@pawomenwork.org or 412-904-1345.