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Mentorship is Powerful

What if you could transform someone’s career, just by having coffee with them? Mentorship is one of the most effective and fulfilling skilled volunteer opportunities, but some of the best potential mentors are too busy for long-term commitments… but what about just meeting for 3 cups of coffee?

This fast, effective program condenses the essence of mentoring with the power of networking. 3 Cups of Coffee puts job-seeking women across a café table from an experienced and caring volunteer mentor for three conversations. The guidance, advice, and networking that result are transformative—and not just for the mentee. Mentors say they discovered new leadership skills and deeper empathy, and can’t wait to do it again!

Who can mentor?

Are you….

  • An established professional?
  • Looking for an opportunity to become involved in your community that doesn’t require a long-term commitment?
  • Interested in helping people develop networking connections?
  • Wanting to use your expertise and knowledge to help someone gain traction in their careers?

You can make a difference in someone’s life with just three meetings. To inquire about becoming a mentor in the Pittsburgh region, please contact Program Manager Taneshya Williams at or 412-904-1345 to learn more. To inquire about becoming a mentor in Philadelphia, please contact Nora Cothren at

3 Cups of Coffee Changes Lives

Michelle Rorison

finds 3 Cups of Coffee …


Michelle, a senior HR analyst in the banking industry, says mentoring is more than just a bright spot in her day—it’s also a source of illumination for her own career, highlighting new leadership skills every time. The process has led to fresh insights and extraordinary experiences, including helping one mentee prepare for her first job interview in 30 years (and get the job).

“When I see my mentee’s number show up on my caller ID at work, I get a huge smile on my face, because I can’t wait to hear from her,” she said.

Cameil Williams

finds 3 Cups of Coffee …


Becoming a mentor offered Cameil, a compliance officer and consultant, a perspective shift, reminding her that overcoming obstacles is a part of every life—and that she had the desire to help others. Mentorship is a joyful experience for her, and a group she is proud to belong to, she said: “We are here to help, and we encourage women to seek our help because we’re happy to do it.”

Sarah Minney

finds 3 Cups of Coffee …


Sarah, a former mental health worker and current medical student, mentored a veteran, LaShaun, who was recovering from domestic violence and homelessness. Today, LaShaun has a multifaceted career in social services herself, and is a homeowner—and a donor to Pennsylvania Women Work’s programs. Sarah highly recommends the program to mentors and mentees alike, and feels her life was changed too:

“You can make a huge impact on someone’s life with a relatively short time commitment.”
Hear more in LaShaun’s own words.

mentors said volunteering increased their empathy and professional skills0%
mentors have chosen to keep getting re-matched for a year or more0%

With Your Participation, We Can Create More Success Stories

My experience as a mentor has been so rewarding and enlightening in many ways. I’ve been able hear about the real life challenges that women face while trying to better themselves and secure employment. The experience has improved my listening skills and challenged me to use my career knowledge and business network to help others. It is wonderful to see that the guidance and encouragement you’ve provided gives them hope for a brighter future. The best part; your candidate comes into the 1st coffee session as a mentee and ends the 3rd session as a friend.

Joyce Mills
Treasury Services Operations Business Analyst
The Bank of New York Mellon