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Our corporate partners have a good reason to smile: Employee volunteerism boosts retention and satisfaction, reduces stress, builds valuable skills that can be used on the job, and much more. Partnering with us also creates bountiful positive public relations opportunities and builds brand recognition through service in your community.

Contact us to learn how your employees can become mentors with 3 Cups of Coffee. It’s simple to start and is a proven model that provides a wealth of benefits. Contact Taneshya Williams at to learn more.

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The Benefits of Partnership

BNY Mellon has been a corporate partner of 3 Cups of Coffee’s® parent organization, Pennsylvania Women Work, for ten years. When 3 Cups of Coffee started creating mentorship matches in 2014, the program needed mentors, so BNY Mellon was the natural first place to look.

Since then, many careers have been shaped by employee volunteers’ solid mentorship relationships with our clients – including those of BNY Mellon mentors Michelle Rorison and Nancy Jones.

Michelle, a senior HR analyst, and Nancy, a sustainability specialist, both say mentorship has helped them build their professional skill sets in extraordinary ways, and has inspired them to put down deep roots at BNY Mellon.

In the bigger picture, the impact of employee volunteerism on BNY Mellon’s social responsibility profile is huge, Nancy said.

“Our employee volunteerism model is important because it gives the company a presence in the community,” she said. “You really see the full scope of what the company can contribute.”

BNY Mellon volunteers say having their values represented by their employer is powerful. Mentors are drawn back again and again by the program’s combination of skill-building, networking, and the chance to help people they would otherwise never get to meet.

For mentees, the results can be even more tangible: BNY Mellon has hired five mentees from the 3 Cups of Coffee program (including Amy Goldberg, now a mentor herself).

The quick and effective parameters of the 3 Cups of Coffee program help would-be mentors overcome their hesitation to participate, Michelle said.

Michelle lights up when she talks about her annual “thank you” phone call from one mentee, and helping another prepare for her first job interview in 30 years (and get the job).

Get to know Michelle and Nancy, two of the 67 BNY Mellon mentors who have participated in 3 Cups of Coffee since the program began:

BNY Mellon mentors Nancy Jones (left) and Michelle Rorison

BNY Mellon volunteer Drew Fogle (left) with Pennsylvania Women Work Corporate Advisory Council members Lindsay McIntosh and Adam Vranesevic at the 2016 Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community

Michelle Rorison

Senior HR Internal Controls Analyst/ Vice President


Calls mentorship A SKILL BUILDER

Michelle has been a member of PA Women Work’s Corporate Advisory Council for ten years, and remembers the very first community partnership meeting to gather BNY Mellon volunteers, which drew nearly 100 people.

Since then, Michelle and numerous other BNY Mellon employees have fundraised enthusiastically for PA Women Work by hosting craft fairs, jeans days, etc., for which they received corporate funds to match.

As an experienced HR specialist, and a mentor herself, Michelle knows how far mentoring can take a professional. That’s why she calls 3 Cups of Coffee “such an innovative idea:”

“We recommend it to people as a skill-builder,” she said. “It improves your leadership and communication skills, organization skills, team work, all those sorts of things are definitely enhanced by participating.”

As part of the Pittsburgh HR engagement team and the Pittsburgh campus engagement team, she also knows that the community outreach or volunteer aspect is a very important recruiting tool.

“It’s a great way for people to have pride in their company and what their company is doing, but also, to give them a break from their day-to-day tasks and use skills in a different way – the networking and the interaction, it’s a benefit for the employee, the nonprofit agency, and to the company.”

Nancy Jones

BNY Mellon Research Analyst



Nancy got involved with 3 Cups of Coffee’s parent organization, Pennsylvania Women Work, as a student board member for a year, and immediately knew she wanted a long-term relationship with the organization.

Nancy recalls times when her involvement with the organization helped her to develop new skills that put her ahead of the game.

Mentorship “strengthens everyone’s overall performance,” she said, because it brings out new skills in everyone involved, and ties employees to the company by giving them the chance to live their values

“I think it adds another layer of interest and opportunity to the company for the employees to benefit from. Many people feel like they want to give back to their community in some way, but for the most part, the opportunities usually only exist outside of work, and it’s not associated with work at all.”

As a mentor and an active volunteer through her employer, Nancy is discovering more and more reasons to invest in her career at BNY Mellon.

“Being able to bridge the gap between giving back to the community and your employment really strengthens the ties between employee and the employer. I think it really improves morale,” she said.

Employee Satisfaction—A Strong Investment

employee volunteers say volunteering makes them feel healthier and reduces stress0%

say it improves their mood0%

say volunteering brings more meaning to life0%

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